東海北陸自動車道 白川郷ICより5分。世界遺産白川郷の中にある創業明治末期の国重要伝統的建造物選定の宿「城山館」

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スタッフ紹介 staff

  • 松古 卓也

    【館主 / Owner】
    松古 卓也(通称:たくちゃん / Takuya Matsufuru)

    調理・ツアーご案内 / Cooking, Tour guide 

    料理とおもてなしに命をかける、城山館4代目館主。 その料理は繊細ながらも「優しさが伝わってくる」と多くのお客様に支持されている。 世界遺産内を車にご案内する「観光ツアー」は、笑いあり涙あり、 オヤジギャクありで宿の人気サービスのひとつ。

    The 4th owner of Shiroyamakan. He is dedicated when it comes to cooking and service and his work is loved by many of our guests. His tours around The World Heritage Shirakawa-go on his own car with laughter and tears bring the most fulfilled travel experiences to all our guests.

  • 松古 真紀子

    【女将 / Landlady】
    松古 真紀子(通称:マキちゃん / Makiko Matsufuru)

    接客 / Service 


    Everyone loves her kind and warm-hearted nature. She used to suffer from the depression but overcame it with her family’s support, now she also tries to support people around her, especially our guests, encourage them to live happily.

  • 三輪 優紀

    【若女将 / Young Landlady】
    三輪 優紀(通称:ゆきちゃん / Yuki Miwa)

    接客 / Service 


    She is our “poster girl” with beautiful skin and good manner. She always shows deep consideration toward her guests that she has many fans who are not only in Japan but also from overseas. 

  • 松古 哲

    【館主 / Owner】
    松古 哲(通称:さとし / Satoshi Matsufuru)

    調理・掃除 / Cooking, Cleaning 


    Commit himself to be perfect at cleaning and preparing. Thanks to his effort, despite being old, our guesthouse is always clean. He is currently practicing cooking under his father’s guidance.

  • 三輪 了

    【若旦那(仮)/ Young Master - probation】
    三輪 了(通称:さとるくん / Satoru Miwa)

    広報・WEB・販促・掃除・接客 / PR, WEB, Cleaning, Service 


    Yuki’s dear husband and deeply love his wife. He introduces Shiroyamakan to public using his knowledge and skills acquired from his previous job at an advertising company.

  • 三輪 一凛

    【館主の孫 / Owner’s grandson】
    三輪 一凛(通称:いちり / Ichiri Miwa)

    癒し・笑顔・お見送り / relax, smile, send-off 




    He is the little idol at Shiroyamakan. His favorite food is sweet potato and natto. You may find him welcome you to our guesthouse sometimes!

  • 松古 奈々

    【若女将 / Young Landlady】
    松古 奈々(通称:なな / Nana Matsufuru)

    接客 / Service  




    The youngest child of the owner of Shiroyamakan.

    She is a good English speaker because she was studying abroad.

    It is thanks to her that we can communicate with foreign customers.

    She will treat you with delicate attention and the best smile.

  • 松古 佳倫

    【若女将 / Young Landlady】
    松古 佳倫(通称:かりん / Karin Matsufuru)

    接客 / Service  




    The second daughter of the owner of Shiroyama kan.

    She heals customers with the best smile. Her daughter is also helping her work.

  • 松古 希音

    【館主の孫 / Owner’s grandson】
    松古 希音((通称:きのちゃん / Kino matsufuru))

    癒し・笑顔・お見送り / relax, smile, send-off  




    A powerful and active girl.

    She eats well everything and is full of energy.

    Because she sometimes goes to work, if you see her, please play it ♪


  • 三輪 咲太

    【館主の孫 / Owner’s grandson】
    三輪 咲太(通称:さいちゃん / Saita Miwa)

    癒し・笑顔・お見送り / relax, smile, send-off 



    Yuki’s second son. Appetizing boy!

国重要伝統的建造物選定の宿「城山館」 05769-6-1007

*Please tell us the followings when booking: 1.Names, 2.Phone number, 3.Dates, 4.Number of people, 5.ETA
*Cancellation Fee (% of the total cost): One week before: 30% of the accommodation fee / 2-3 days prior to the arrival: 50% / 1 day prior to the arrival: 70% / on appointed day: 100% / no notice, no show: 100%
*Please tell us when booking if you are in special condition such as allergy or religious reason to avoid eating specific food so we can provide you better services.